Studies have shown a direct link between anxiety and immune system response. Some anxiety levels are shown to have positive effects on immunity response. However, certain elevated levels of anxiety can be detrimental to your health. It’s important to understand the link between stress and how it can affect your mental and physical immune health. Below outlines all the details of anxiety and its relation to immunity response.

Does Anxiety Affect Your Immune System?

immune system and anxiety

The short answer is yes, anxiety does affect your immune system. In fact, anxiety levels can be a primary cause of a strengthened or diminished immune response. Increased anxiety poses a risk of destabilizing neuronic frequencies that can trigger inaccurate messages throughout the body.

The result can induce physical and mental harm. If left untreated, these mental and physiological effects can become permanent and cause additional health problems.  All the more reason managing your anxiety through medical training is the most vital asset to your short-term and long-term health.

How Exactly Does Anxiety Affect Your Body and Immune System?

It’s one thing to know anxiety and immune systems work in harmony. It’s another to understand the trickle-down effects of how anxiety affects your body and natural immunity to many life-threatening diseases. The following factors are a detailed outline of how your body and immune system are directly affected by your anxiety levels. Each effect mentioned is a step-by-step progression that will unfold if left untreated.

The old proverb, “as a man thinketh in his mind, so is he,” is a scientific truth far ahead of its time. This means your thoughts dictate how you feel and respond mentally and bodily. Scientists have only recently confirmed this fact in studies conducted over the past decade. Whenever you fear or worry, your mind relays these anxiety signals to the rest of your body, telling other organs how they should feel or respond to these thoughts.

Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body. Your vital organs and functions run directly on signals and messages related by your brain’s neurons. Anxiety is no exception and can have very harmful consequences if overloaded with unfounded fears.

Elevated anxiety levels have adverse effects on your blood pressure. This causes your immune system to focus on preventing blood clots and other disorders that are commonly associated with high blood pressure. Restoring normal anxiety frequencies can help you restore a healthy balance in blood pressure and stabilize these unhealthy effects throughout your body. Speak to a medical professional today to find out more about how to restore normal anxiety and immune system responses.

Once anxiety is born in the mind and affects high- blood pressure, it begins to take a toll on the rest of your body. As a result, your immune system is forced to go into overdrive in maintaining vital organ functions that anxiety puts under heavy duress. This intensifies the risk of exposure to numerous cancers and other permanent health conditions. These conditions cover a wide range of kidney, liver, and heart diseases.

Unfounded stress triggers your body’s fight-or-flight response. This bodily state is your mind telling your body that there is a physical or mental emergency that requires an immediate hormonal response. This releases an unnatural degree of hormonal and adrenaline response.

In turn, this triggers immune system response cells to misfire irregularly to avert an issue that does not in fact exist. Put simply, this means your body’s natural preventative security system is being distracted or diverted to the wrong areas. This opens up the opportunity for true threats such as abnormal cancer cells or other infections to infiltrate your body.

How Does Stress Weaken Your Immune System?

effect of anxiety to immune systemAnxiety and immune system strength or weakness are heavily dependent on your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is released when your body detects anxiety. The presence of cortisol borrows vital T-cells your immune system needs to fight off life-threatening diseases. Therefore, the greater your anxiety, the more your immune system response is suppressed.

How To Neutralize Stress And Boost Your Immune System

There are a number of scientifically-established methods to help neutralize stress and boost immunity. Each method requires proper medical guidance to execute effectively. It is strongly advised not to attempt these methods alone. Consult a sympathetic physician who can administer a medically-proven stress management plan to properly manage your anxiety and immune system response. Below are a few of the methods a doctor will help you implement as a part of your daily routine.

A balanced and nutritious diet not only boosts your immune system. It is also known to naturally suppress stress neurons to naturally help you neutralize anxiety levels and combat other mental health disorders. Contrarily, an unhealthy diet further contributes to anxiety levels while weakening your immune system.

There is no greater efficacy than a medically-directed nutrition plan to help naturally fight off stress cells and boost immunity. It takes the proper medical guidance to balance your individual diet plan to achieve a harmonious balance between health, mind, and bodily restoration. Additionally, a balanced diet is shown to increase the natural release of ‘happy’ dopamine cells. Almost equally important, medical guidance will help hold you accountable to a diet routine that will become a part of a newer, happier you.

A sedentary lifestyle consisting of little to no exercise is directly linked to elevated anxiety levels. In correlation, studies further conclude that lack of exercise suppresses natural immunity and dilutes immune response to fighting infections. Therefore, poor exercise habits, or none at all, could be the underlying cause of your anxiety.

A team of dedicated physicians is standing by to help you lay the foundation for a successful stress management workout plan. New workout routines could change your life by releasing natural dopamine, suppressing your anxiety, and simultaneously boosting your immune system.

The most important common factor in managing anxiety and immune system health is to accept professional help. Medical assistance opens the doors to endless possibilities for your mental health recovery. Accepting help immediately gives you access to the most caring and dedicated support team necessary to maintain good productive habits throughout the recovery process. Accepting medical assistance for anxiety is often the first step to achieving all your stress management and mental health goals.

How Can Adler Health Help You With Your Anxiety Struggles?

We pride ourselves in being the solution to all your anxiety needs. This is achieved through individualized stress management and training tools that are unique to your anxiety struggle. Each anxiety treatment plan is individually engineered to help you manage stress effectively and independently. Bearing that in mind, here are a few of the many ways Adler Health can be the solution to your anxiety and mental health struggles.

One of the greatest benefits of Adler Health is the fact that help is at your fingertips around the clock when you need them. Our eager receptionists are openly available to receive, accept, and schedule appointments at your earliest, and in many cases immediate convenience. Help for your anxiety is merely a call or a tap away. You’ll find the peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of simply by reaching out to our compassionate team dedicated to alleviating your stress and mental health needs.

Full and immediate access to a full support team at your fingertips is another second-to-none attribute of Adler Health services. This helps you manage your anxiety and immune system health on a daily basis without the concern of getting the treatment you need. Getting the highest quality treatment you deserve requires full access to the support you need on your terms. You can have all that and more by reaching out to our family-oriented support team today.

Everybody responds differently to different treatments. One may thrive better with one-on-one therapy, while another may respond better in a group setting. You can expect nothing less than the most attentive and effective care regardless of which treatment option you choose. The most important thing is to reach out to a medical assessment professional who can guide you to the individual or group therapy option that’s right for your anxiety struggle.

Let Adler Health Help You Eliminate Your Anxiety and Mental Health Struggles

anxiety and immune systemAdler Health understands the tolls that anxiety can have on your physical and mental health. We take pride in being the help you need throughout the medical coaching and training process. That’s why we aim to ensure you can stand on your own two feet in self-maintaining your stress and mental health battles. One life-changing call to our caring team could make all the difference in maintaining your anxiety and immune system health.