Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in California

If you or someone you know is battling a substance abuse disorder or mental health disorders simultaneously, finding out how to take the first steps toward a successful recovery can be challenging. Trying to quit engaging in alcohol abuse while dealing with a co occurring disorder can be difficult. This leads to the need for dual diagonsis treatment Costa Mesa CA.

A substance abuse disorder and mental health disorder can commonly occur together, making a dual diagnosis treatment program more complicated. Fortunately, with the help of our dual diagnosis treatment program, both of these conditions can improve. Overall, this can help with a successful recovery.

Please reach out to Adler Health for dual diagnosis treatment in Costa Mesa, California to learn about how our dual diagnosis treatment center and mental health treatment programs can support you through your your recovery process.

Dual diagnosis requires a range of effective treatment options at our dual diagnosis treatment centers.

Inpatient treatment for mental health and dual diagnosis provides 24-hour care and structure. This helps develop routines and coping strategies for long-term recovery. Inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis also ensures a focus on addressing symptoms and working toward recovery daily. Our inpatient treatment programs include therapy that treats a variety of mental illnesses.

Once an individual has completed our inpatient program, we recommend our outpatient treatment for mental health to continue receiving support. Unlike an inpatient program, outpatient rehab allows you to receive the benefits of individual therapy such as dialectical behavior therapy, and more once or twice a week. Outpatient programs are designed to ensure individuals have the tools they need to stay sober without having to attend an intensive outpatient program or intensive therapy. To learn more about what our treatment plans are, please reach out treatment center in Orange County, CA.

What Does it Mean to Have a Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis means that an individual is battling with two or more conditions at the same time. In several cases, this references the presence of a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. It is possible to have several addictions to substances at once or have multiple mental health conditions. If a person is struggling with both conditions, a personalized treatment plan is necessary.

Common Mental Health Disorders That Co Occur With Addiction

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What Are the Causes of Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is caused by both external and internal conditions.

  • A poor self-image
  • Long-term substance abuse
  • Growing up in impoverished conditions
  • A genetic history of mental health disorders
  • Exposure to alcohol, drugs, and other toxic materials in the womb
  • Gender (statistically, men are more likely to suffer from co occurring conditions)

Environmental Conditions for Dual Diagnosis
A family history of addiction and substance abuse can also be an environmental influence. When children grow up in houses where individuals freely engage in drugs and alcohol, they may believe that the behavior is acceptable. Mental illness has numerous influences, including exposure to specific chemicals or drugs. Traumatic experiences such as combat can cause a lot of stress on the brain, resulting in mental health disorders like anxiety.

Growing up in a challenging financial situation can also make it more likely for an individual to suffer from both conditions. There might even be a close relationship between mental health illness, addiction, and poverty in several cases.

Internal Genetic Conditions for Dual Diagnosis

There are decades of strong research that strongly suggests there is a genetic component to the development of substance use disorders and mental disorders. When a person has a family history that includes addiction and depression, that increases the chances that you will suffer from the same disorders as well.

Some studies even state that gene networks and individual genes seem to function differently in people who struggle with addiction, than those who do not. Also, a prenatal exposure to alcohol, drugs, or other toxins can contribute to both conditions later in life.

What Is the Difference Between a Dual Diagnosis and Co-occurring Disorder?

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A dual diagnosis means that an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for two or more conditions that can occur at the same time. Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders describe several diseases which might be present along with alcohol and drug abuse. This term is most commonly used to refer to a person who has an underlying mental illness that contributes to their substance abuse.

Which Disorder Occurs First?

Which condition came first largely depends on the individual struggling with a substance use disorder and mental disorder. In a few cases, an individual might have started engaging in alcohol or drug use in an attempt to manage their mental illness. For example, some individuals engage in substance use to feel like they are living normal lives. Alternatively, there are some substances that can cause mental illness.

On the flip side, addiction can lead to a mental health condition, especially if the addiction remains untreated or undiagnosed. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead cause mental health disorders. In order to alleviate the symptoms related to depression and anxiety, someone will continue self medicating. This cycle of substance abuse exacerbates make a dual diagnosis treatment center more necessary.

When Untreated Mental Health Disorders Lead To Addiction

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Many people may attribute symptoms of mental health disorders to the world around them, and they often blame themselves or others for their feelings instead of investigating them. When people do not reach out to our professionals for help, they often start drinking or doing drugs. Those substances can temporarily mask the negative symptoms. However, they can also worsen existing problems since they have both short-term and long-term effects on the brain.

Without treating the addiction and the mental health disorder together, a person is much more likely to relapse. When people relapse, they may also be at a higher risk for a harmful or fatal overdose. It is essential to reach out to our dual diagnosis treatment center for mental health treatment and addiction treatment. You will receive tools from our outpatient treatment, therapy sessions, and more.

During an active addiction, an individual’s behavioral health and physical health are neglected. Our dual diagnosis treatment plan specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health issues and substance addiction, such as alcohol. We can assist you with your dual diagnosis disorders. If you are looking to receive treatment for your dual diagnosis common disorders, our outpatient rehab in Orange County can help you.

Common Therapy Options Offered at a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Individual therapy will take place in a one on one setting. Group therapy will take place in a group setting. Family therapy will include the family members and the individual recovering. Though all of these therapy options differ in setting and method, they are all essential in addressing dual diagnoses.

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How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in CA Help People

Adler Health uses dual diagnosis treatment for people who struggle with mental health disorders and addiction. While some people may have one mental health disorder in addition to alcohol addiction, others may have multiple disorders. For example, some people have PTSD, anxiety, and alcohol addiction.

Adler Health believes in thoroughly examining every person’s needs and experiences to find the right addiction treatment solution. With a customized substance abuse treatment approach that addresses every person’s goals, needs, and behavioral disorders, the chances of staying in recovery may be higher.

At Adler Health in Orange County, CA, people will undergo individual therapy to address their personal needs. There is also group therapy to provide them with support for their substance abuse issue or mental health concerns, and the chance to support others. To learn more about dual diagnosis treatment centers in CA, and how we can assist your dual diagnoses and addiction disorders, please contact us.